Trump Is Over


Saturday Night Massacre

May 10, 2017:

It has to be evident to all but the densest or most delusional among the American public that:

1) Trump doesn’t know history
2) Trump doesn’t know politics
3) Trump doesn’t know public relations
4) Trump is an absolute amateur at just about everything

He can’t get past this.

It’s over for him.

As it is, the Republicans — which are the majority party both in the House and Senate — haven’t given him a damn thing he’s wanted.

Point to the health care bill all you want, but the House Republicans are counting on the Senate to take the fall and kill that bill.

Where are Trump’s “wins”?

They’ve all come from dictatorial fiat — Presidential Executive Orders, which have been challenged and defeated in the courts as being un-Constitutional, clearly un-American, and overreaching.

This isn’t South America, where a bully strongman can get away with that. At least we’re not that yet.

And now The New York Times — and many other papers around the country — have let the Russian cat out of the bag.

If there was nothing to investigate, why dismiss Comey? He basically helped get Trump elected with his last-minute announcement about a new email controversy involving Hillary Clinton.

I’m not here to deliver a bill of goods or list of facts. This isn’t a court.

And spare me your cries of logic. When will everyone learn that humans don’t run on logic, only machines must?

Here is what I think should happen:

Next year, those House Republicans are up for re-election. They like their positions of power, which makes them feel superior to the citizens they’re tasked to represent. They especially love their salaries and other perks.

They’re already freaked-out over the public backlash so far, which is why during their breaks they’re refusing to hold Town Halls. The ones that have happened so far have shown them the public is in no mood to give them any free rides.

So they have to see the future ahead for them: Being thrown out of their cushy office. Possibly even being defeated in a way that’s absolutely humiliating.

So I think they’re going to start talking among themselves. Trump is the Titanic and he’s just hit the iceberg. Do they want to go down with him or save themselves?

If they throw over Trump, they still might not save their jobs. Because the Democrats will lead the charge to get Trump out of office.

So there’s only one move they can sensibly make: Lead the charge to get rid of Trump themselves.

They’ll blunt the Democrats’ effort, get in front of the controversy, and look like they’re the heroes saving the Republic from someone who has no right to be in the Presidency.

This is Public Relations 101. This is Political Science 101. This is Save Your Ass 101.

Are they smart enough to do it? We’ll see.

But if they’re going to do it, they must do it quickly. Before something arises in the country or in the world to put Trump in a position to look even vaguely good.

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