Hulu: Becoming Bond

Do you remember George Lazenby?

He was James Bond once, in perhaps the best one: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

This is a documentary about that role and his life.

This is uproariously funny at times. Lazenby lived an incredible life even before he was picked to be Bond.

He was a kid who hated learning. He didn’t see how boring school could be at all relevant in his life.

But a real turning point came when he was an unsuccessful car salesman. His boss actually sent him to take the Dale Carnegie course.

And a key point struck him and he tried it. And soon became a very successful salesman. It worked for him!

This is a must-see film. It’s imaginatively done and moves at a real clip. The director even questions Lazenby at one point about the truthfulness of one his stories. It was true! You’ll laugh out loud watching this.

Don’t miss it on Hulu.

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