R.I.P. Actor Adam West

I’m late with this because of no WiFi on the weekend.

Even though it was inevitable, it was still a shock.

Purists can harp all they like about the 1960s Batman TV series, but for kids like me who watched it back when it first aired, it wasn’t a comedy at all. It was straight-up comic book heroism. It was when we grew up that we could appreciate all of the adult humor that they managed to smuggle into it.

And there’s this …

Adults probably laughed at that. Kids took it as a lesson.

I know the role prevented West from getting most acting jobs afterwards. That’s a tragedy. And that narrow-mindedness remains with the entertainment industry to this day.

If there was any consolation to be found afterwards, it’s that he had a tremendous impact on kids of that era. You had to live through Bat-mania — as you did with Beatlemania — to understand it. It had to be experienced firsthand in the moment, with the eyes of a child.

Unfortunately, many of the lessons from the series were lost. All of those kids who wanted to be Batman grew up into other things. Some of them not at all good. And who could have ever guessed or expected that we would have The Joker in the White House?

But rest in peace, Adam West. There is a special place in Heaven for you.


Adam West, R.I.P.
Adam West Saved Batman. And Me.

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