Video: iPad Pro 10.5 Benchmarks

This is a monster!

I recommend muting the audio. It’s a repetitive beats loop.

10.5インチ iPad Proと9.7インチ iPad Proはどう変わったのか?Benchmarkで比較してみた

My own plan is to hunt one down for the Google Books PDF test on Thursday.

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4 Responses to Video: iPad Pro 10.5 Benchmarks

  1. Robert Jasiek says:

    Benchmarks do not fix bugs. On a Mini 4, I confirm bugs. A 500 pages PDF with only few small graphics leads to black pages and sudden crashes of iBooks when trying to go to specific pages. The errors recur on the same pages of the PDF regardless of how they are reached. This is not an OS problem but simple programming bugs of iBooks. A shame! Apple software – it just works (not), to paraphrase the myth of Apple products.

    • mikecane says:

      Yes, I’ve written about that in prior posts. A Radar has been filed to fix it. I hope iBooks for iOS 11 release will have that fix. Have you tried Goodreader app?

  2. Robert Jasiek says:

    No. Goodreader has not been updated for a long time now. Maybe if a major release appears after iOS 11. However, the programmer’s description of the app is hopelessly incomplete. I cannot know in advance if I would get any extra value for my money. In particular, I would want to know whether going to the next full screen page requires nasty rezooming, as does iBooks. Same for other PDF readers – iOS apps have a culture of missing shareware tests and terribly incomplete descriptions. I refuse to burn money.

    • mikecane says:

      Hmmmm. Goodreader was the app others used on earlier Mini and iPad to show me GBooks PDFs could be read well on it. Had no idea it hasn’t been updated.

      I have tested the Pro 10.5. Although probably too big for you, I made a significant discovery. Wait for the post. It’ll be hours from now.

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