TV: Blood Drive

It started like all things do, with Twitter:

The embedded video piqued my curiosity but it didn’t look like something I’d want to watch.

However …

… I just did.

This is the freakiest, most badass thing I think I’ve seen on TV. The Twitter teaser I saw didn’t do it any justice.

This is good.

Remember all those low-budget movies you saw? How you’d rip out your hair and scream, “If only they had more money and more time!”

This has the money and the time. It at least looks that way on screen.

I’m not going to say more than that. I’ll let the longer trailer do the talking:

BLOOD DRIVE | Official Trailer #1 | SYFY

Even that might not convince you. So go see the entire first episode.

That will do it.

I’m hooked.

And special mention to …

… who did some of the most adrenaline-pumping music ever on TV. Tarantino will have to up his game.

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