Video: iPad Pro 10.5 Google Books PDF Tests

Just look at those prices [click any image to enlarge]:

And here it is, in all of its Android-tablet-killing smug glory:

This is what it contained:

Before we get into the tests, it’s necessary to review the performance of the iPad Mini 4 with The American Magazine PDF. This provides an essential contrast. This video test was done today, after the one on the iPad Pro 10.5.

iPad Mini 4 American Magazine

Two things to notice:

1) The slight pause before it displayed three pages
2) iBooks crashed despite not being stressed

Now, hang onto your hats (especially you, Steven Troughton-Smith, who I have special reason to detest today!). Here is the iPad Pro 10.5 with the same exact file in iBooks:

iPad Pro 10.5 American Magazine

(Sorry about the rough ending. I got distracted.)

That is crazy fucking incredible! I tried my damnedest to stress it and it took a lot before iBooks gave up and quit.

Cue this music:

WONDER WOMAN Theme / Music | Batman v Superman OST | Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL | HD

The iPad hardware team should blast that as they work on the next gen. They’ve earned the right.

And this sucker doesn’t even have iOS 11 on it yet! Nor the version of iBooks that will probably exterminate the bug that makes it crash!

It will be The Beast of Tablets when that happens!

What I’ve learned is that part of the iBooks bug has to be RAM-amount dependent. The Mini 4 has just 2GBs of RAM, the Pro 10.5 has 4GBs.

The remaining videos are just more or less pawing at the machine. After that American Magazine test, I was certain nothing else could crash iBooks.

The infamous Surface Japan!

iPad Pro 10.5 Surface Japan

The stressful Fairy Takes from The far North:

iPad Pro 10.5 Far North

The larger-than-normal Brady magazine, in which I move the lens closer to show this can be read without problems now that the screen is 10.5 and not 9.7:

iPad Pro 10.5 Queen of Chinatown

The totally unstressful 1969 Life magazine, where I again bring the lens closer (more than once) to show the text can be read without problems:

iPad Pro 10.5 Life Mag 1969

The book that started these tests many, many years ago and is now absolutely no problem for any iOS device:

iPad Pro 10.5 People of the Abyss

The Thinking Machine is smooth:

iPad Pro 10.5 Thinking Machine

And this opens up with all the page thumbnails instantly rendered:

iPad Pro 10.5 Thunderbirds Are Go

Because of the larger screen, I decided to add some non-Google Books PDF to the test. I wanted to see if comics and SF fanzines from the past could be read.

iPad Pro 10.5 File 770

iPad Pro 10.5 Comic Crusader

iPad Pro 10.5 RBCC

They can! No pinch-zoom needed. This is glorious!

With the exception of the crashing of The American Magazine (which I expect to be fixed with iOS 11 and a new iBooks for it), this is the first iOS device that can handle the PDFs I throw at it without any problems at all.

It took this long!

I want this. But those prices!

And what about the Mini?

I think Apple needs to do at least one more.

Most of the Google Books PDFs I’ll be reading fit comfortably on a seven-inch tablet screen. Even better on the iPad Mini screen.

The People of the Abyss is a book about the size of a mass-market paperback. To see it so enlarged on the iPad Pro 10.5 is really overkill and contrary to what the book designer intended. It also looks just plain weird at that size.

Despite the rumors of a “Mini Pro” with a 9.7-inch screen, I still maintain Apple needs the Mini in its current size.

Give it a better CPU and 4GBs of RAM and it would be splendid for carrying along. The Pro 10.5 is scarily expensive for such casual traveling and is also just too big for such use.

Everything about the Pro 10.5 is absolutely boss. I didn’t find the weight a problem, either.

And while there’s still more tests I want to conduct (like the lockup-inducing JPEG2000 PDFs from The Internet Archive), I want this now. Unfortunately, my finances continue to disagree with my tech lust.

Still, after using this, all thoughts of my ever getting a Chromebook are dead.

So are any chances of my ever wanting an Android tablet.

Congratulations, Apple.

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  1. Robert Jasiek says:

    Thank you for showing reflectance with meaningful pictures!

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