GoodReader PDF Reader For iOS Is Not Dead

Over the years that I’ve been doing my Google Books PDF tests, iPad owners have told me — and even shown me — that the GoodReader app for iOS could handle them without any problem.

But at an Apple Store, all I can use is iBooks for testing. Which is an important result to know. Because if iBooks becomes the only remaining app to read PDFs, I want to know that it can read all Google Books PDFs.

GoodReader has not been updated in quite some time. Their accounts (corporate and app) haven’t sent out tweets since Fall of 2016.

But I was determined to find out more and my first instinct was to search Twitter for users.

I had to wade through a ton of tweets in Japanese from a hyperactive account holder before finally finding some news about GoodReader.

According to this post on Reddit — GoodReader Lives! (which quotes the Facebook page) — it’s still alive and a big update is planned. But that post was published on April 17th, well before Apple announced iOS 11.

So my thinking is that whatever update they’ve been working on, they might have to overhaul in light of 11. Even so, if they stay in the game (unlike Blogsy), we Google Books PDF readers will still have an app to use without begging Apple to make iBooks work.


From Boy Band Manager to Mobile App Mogul: A Profile of GoodReader CEO, Yuri Selukoff

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