Samsung: Killer VR/AR Screen/Headset And VR180 Absence

Samsung’s next-gen Gear VR could finally go standalone, incredible 2000 ppi OLED screen in tow

The last time they wrote about it, it had 2250 ppi.

It’s been close to a year since any solid news about this appeared: Samsung’s next VR headset could be called ‘Odyssey’.

What sounded like “*snort* Yeah, right. In five years!” science-fiction back then takes on a new meaning with the Varjo prototype paraded around this week.

Could Samsung beat Sony with a high-resolution standalone VR headset?

And here’s something strange: Of all the companies you would expect to be a partner to create VR180 cameras, Samsung wasn’t named as one. Is the Gear 360 camera selling that well? Or will an upcoming Samsung phone have such a camera included? I haven’t seen any formal specs for the VR180 cameras listed, so I’m beginning to think Samsung could put this in a mid-range phone instead of a flagship. If they don’t do it, perhaps Huawei or ZTE will beat them to it. Just imagine the chaos and embarrassment if Xiaomi is first with it!

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