Samples Of Apple’s Augmented Reality

Apple’s AR is closer to reality than Google’s

At WWDC earlier this month, Craig Federighi described ARKit as “the largest AR platform in the world,” and he was right.


But while they’re showing you the same damn tape measuring sample that’s been all over Twitter, I did some digging yesterday.

See the videos after the break.

Drawing in 3d with ARKit

That might not seem particularly impressive, but remember that this is 1) a demo and 2) ARKit is still in beta. When ARKit is final, we could wind up seeing an AR version of Google’s Tiltbrush for VR.

Falcon 9 landing at the ASDS / ARkit Demo

I sent that out on Twitter yesterday and suddenly everyone else picked it up (without RTing it) and it was all over the place like the measuring video.

Unity-chan demo using ARkit

ARKit – Classic/キズナアイ Kizuna AI

Apparently dancing anime characters will be an AR Thing.

ARKit – Virtual Van Gogh Bedroom tour

That is very nice.

And this is the sample that will make AR creators clamor for a VR headset:

ARKit house walkthru

And for those technically inclined, here’s how to hack ARKit and Google’s VR:

Hacking Google’s VR Cardboard SDK into Apple’s ARKit (6dof mobile vr)

I’m not interested in AR other than how it might help VR. I think having to hold a phone or tablet is going to exhaust people. It’s better to wear a headset despite the silly objections raised by Tim Cook.

And there’s more evidence that AR is just Apple getting ready to do VR: Apple Acquires German Eye Tracking Firm SensoMotoric Instruments.

Given how Apple — with its first try — has managed to leap over everyone else in AR, I can’t help thinking we’re going to see the same thing happen when they enter VR.

Everybody in the VR hardware game today will be a memory after Apple enters VR.

That might include camera makers. Because I can’t help thinking Apple isn’t happy with the current offerings available.

But in the meantime, the tools for VR are what people have and can buy. And with ARKit, I think we’re going to see more of a push from third-parties to promote VR on the iPhone placed in a headset. And that’s despite its LCD screen. 120Hz refresh, if brought in from the iPad Pro, might make a difference. And all eyes — no pun intended — will be on the suitability for VR of the bank-breaking upcoming iPhone 8.

In the meantime, I’ve begun an Apple AR YouTube Playlist and will add to it at irregular intervals. Not all AR videos will wind up there. Just the ones I find personally interesting or particularly impressive.

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