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Fuck Twitter, Final Update

Click = big I don’t know why it says I have one Follower. It’s zero, as the text shows. A Chrome extension allowed me to UnFollow everyone within a half hour. Kicking out all of my Followers was a manual … Continue reading

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Fuck Twitter, Update 1

Progress so far: I was not kidding. I am not kidding. Fuck Twitter. All these numbers will go to zero: And Jack Dorsey should resign. He clearly doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing. Previously here: The Fuck Twitter Checklist

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The Fuck Twitter Checklist

Twitter has ultimately become its own worst enemy, flooding user timelines with tweets others have Liked. This has bloated timelines, made it impossible to scroll down to catch up, and increased noise over signal. It’s no longer worth the time … Continue reading

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Ruining The NY Public Libraries

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Photo Update: The Amazon Bookstore At 34th Street

This is what it looked like yesterday (Sunday, July 30, 2017):

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A US$13 VR Headset With Built-In Earphones

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Is VR Withering?

A bad sight at B&H Photo/Video: What used to be a very large VR section has been mainly given over to capitalize on the upcoming eclipse!

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Pawing The Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Ah, the current superphone! It has a 4K screen. Which mainly runs at 1080, except for media, but it can be hacked to make 4K run all of the time (unless you need to make a phone call!).

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Top Of The Lake, Series Two

Just noting that I’ve seen it. All of it.

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Video: Build That Wall

After the break, a delightful little stop-motion animation.

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