The China Mirage: Xiaomi Brays

Xiaomi’s Chief Financial Officer, on Twitter:



Xiaomi is not just smartphones, however. It’s a multi-hydra of businesses.

And notice the word used: “Shipped.” Not “sold.”

Be afraid.

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One Response to The China Mirage: Xiaomi Brays

  1. Despite all the cries of highly professional industry experts that Xiaomi will be destroyed in 2015, 2016 and now in 2017, Xiaomi is still successful and continies its growth.
    Back in 2016 they showed the world how will 2017 flagships look (Mi Mix and its idea were actually copied by Samsung and will be copied by Apple etc.)
    They have not rised the prices like many experts were promising (now we have 64gb flagship cheaper than ever) which means they are profitable
    They occupied the market of wearables
    They suddenly launch very popular products like Mi Scooter
    and much more

    For me, this looks much more impressive than all these western or global companies that sell their medium quality products (like Apple and Samsung) for incredibly high prices just because of their marketing budgets.

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