Videos: More Apple Augmented Reality Demos

The velocity of ARKit demo videos posted to YouTube is increasing. I’m beginning to think there are more of these demo videos than Google’s Tango AR has actual full-blown apps.

There will probably be an explosion of these once iOS 11 itself is released and the general public has it.

For now, see some of the demo videos after the break.

DreamBig – 3D Emoji drawing with ARKit on an iPad – Demo 2 (☁️ 🌝💩👽)

ARKit Invaders Demo

Clay VR – Recognition of gestures with the help of Iphone【Apple’s ARKit 】

Cozmo celebrates Independence Day by Anki – George Lamberis – Arkit – Augmented Reality – IOS 11

Apple ARKit – Industrial Applications – INDUSTRY 4.0

ARKit Spatial Drawing Experiments

ARKit – ARMan game work in progress

Augmented Reality demo with Apple ARKit and 4DViews volumetric capture

Previously here:

Apple ARKit Creates Jack Kirby Boom Tubes!
Samples Of Apple’s Augmented Reality

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