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Success Story: Touring The View-Master Headquarters

This is so great! While researching View-Master, the video after the break popped up in results. It’s a live TV show I’d never heard of called Success Story and was done on location live(!). This particular episode gives a comprehensive … Continue reading

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1903: A Plea For The Stereoscope

Click any image to enlarge. In light of the LucidCam, the latest incarnation of stereo photography (and videography), I thought this was interesting.

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The 13th Doctor

Twitter: People should never forget that it was Michelle Gomez’s incredible performance that got everyone even thinking about a woman in the role of The Doctor. And now … She was great in Attack the Block. Not so in the … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Actor Martin Landau

Martin Landau, Actor Who Won an Oscar for ‘Ed Wood,’ Dies at 89 Mission: Impossible, Space: 1999, and the groundbreaking work overflowing with affection that nabbed him the Oscar.

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R.I.P. Director George Romero

Remembering George A. Romero, Master of the Undead Romero didn’t invent the zombie movie, but he did reanimate it, using cheap-but-effective effects, patient camerawork, and amateur actors to give the movie an almost documentary-like urgency. As a result, Night went … Continue reading

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