My Poor-Ass Virtual Reality

I’ve been hanging on to these …

… since 2005!

I never did get to see that special 3D episode, because Shit Happens.

And I kept misplacing them because I had to move things around a lot.

Well, today I managed to dig around and find them.

My poor-ass VR! (Yes, I have a headset but have been unable to use it! Because no phone and Shit Still Happens.)

There’s a ton of red/blue — formally called anaglyph — 3D videos on YouTube. And I’ve wanted to see them.

Today I’ve finally begun to.

Some have been very disappointing. View-Master in anaglyph has had mixed results. I’m not sure if it’s my eyes or the software used for converting. One was exciting to see, another looked like cardboard cutouts in a diorama.

One non-View-Master anaglyph video absolutely floored me.

It has amazing depth and such dimensionality that it looked like parts of it was outside of my screen.

Dig out your old glasses because this one is worth it! Unlike other videos I’ve seen, this one is so damn sharp it’s just like VR without the screendoor effect! There’s no halos or any red/blue bleeding. And that depth! It’s incredible.

Prepare to be wowed:

The butterflies 3D anaglyph

I think anyone who wants to do any sort of VR should become familiar with past techniques for achieving depth. There are bound to be tips and tricks that can still be used.

If any readers have seen incredible anaglyph videos, leave a Comment with a link. I’d love to see them.

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