SBS VR: View-Master

I’m probably very late to this party.

There are View-Master-like videos being posted to YouTube. These can be viewed in a Gear VR or other such headset. Some of them are recordings of VR gameplay. Some are promos.

But all of them share the same key feature: They’re all straight-ahead viewing. No looking sideways, up, or down.

They’re SBS: Side-By-Side images. The images are offset to produce stereoscopy (3D).

Which, hello, is back to the world of View-Master.

While researching 4K VR, I came across the first of these videos. See it after the break.

The video itself can be selected for 4K resolution:

YouTube Commenters are very impressed by it.

However, I noticed — when playing it on a desktop — YouTube popped a banner ad over it. That’s annoying.

I’m not sure if ripping it using DownloadHelper would work:

Going for the highest resolution requires ADP. Doing that can bring its own problems. See the details here.

Anyway, this throws something new into the VR mix. The more the merrier?

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Previously here:

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