Create SBS 3D Videos With Two iPhones

That’s a very exciting and inspiring book to read. Very highly recommended.

Like most people who wanted to do film, Rodriguez began with Super-8. But the cost of it was prohibitive and his early results were frustratingly bad.

What changed things was his father getting one of the first video cameras for consumers. That allowed him to shoot as much as he wanted without the delay and hair-raising expense of film development costs.

From there, his ambitions took off.

We’ve already had short films and entire movies shot with an iPhone. The most publicized one is the movie, Tangerine.

That might seem like a one-off, but even noted director Steven Soderbergh has now done a movie with an iPhone!

But movies are a very crowded market and it’s hard to replicate the success Robert Rodriguez has had that way.

So what’s next?

Side-by-side 3D for VR headsets.

How We Built An iOS App To Shoot A 3D Video (Case Study)

That post goes into the research and development of an iOS app called Stereo Video Recorder.

And it includes a blueprint for 3D printing (or manually constructing) the necessary platform for two iPhones:

They note in the post that the platform is a hack and that a better one is needed. There’s an opportunity for somebody to create something better.

Anything SBS 3D will probably be very basic. Stereo Video Recorder might not be able to take advantage of using Filmic Pro or lenses attached to the iPhone. Someone will have to experiment and see what happens.

But this new app opens the door for people to create original SBS 3D content. Which is really needed to push the format forward. Surely there have to be two filmmakers out there who each have the same iPhone and can team up to use them for an SBS 3D video? (Or is there a rich filmmaker who owns two iPhones?)

I can’t view their sample SBS 3D video but have to note a weird problem I’ve encountered with YouTube.

The preview of their video is shown as proper SBS:

Yet when I hit Play, YouTube spits out anaglyph:

Switching to 2D doesn’t show SBS, it shows conventional 2D!

This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered this. A whole swath of View-Master reels on YouTube that preview as SBS also display as anaglyph 3D. This is very frustrating and I don’t know what’s going on.

A clue to a poor solution was at Reddit: Why the F@#$%! Do SBS 3D Videos ONLY Play in Anaglyph on Youtube Now?.

Apparently, some videos will not display SBS unless YouTube senses a Cardboard or other VR headset is being used. However, someone mentioned ripping the video. So I did. And got proper SBS:

That’s not a solution for every video, however. As I noted in a prior post, using something like DownloadHelper can add its own problems.

But let’s get back to the point here: Who will pioneer SBS 3D video using the iPhone? As I’ve noted earlier, the most popular SBS 3D video has over ten million views. I think something original done using iPhones would easily exceed that just by stimulating curiosity among iPhone owners.

Who will do it?


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