Fuck Twitter, Final Update

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I don’t know why it says I have one Follower. It’s zero, as the text shows.

A Chrome extension allowed me to UnFollow everyone within a half hour.

Kicking out all of my Followers was a manual process that took hours.

It turns out there’s no way to summarily delete all my old tweets. I might have to do 3,200 per day, which is the Twitter limit. There are web apps to do this. We’ll see.

But now there’s no one to tweet to and no tweets from others to read.

So I can’t even be tempted to go back there. No audience now.

I had to put up with a lot of shit over there. From spam floods to a deluge of fake Followers to getting bombarded with ads. But this latest thing of bloating timelines with Likes was the final straw.

I don’t know what scam Twitter is pulling but this shit isn’t going to save them. So many people I used to engage with have left as it is. Things will just get worse for Twitter.

No one who has led Twitter ever understood what users wanted from it. They understand it even less now.

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4 Responses to Fuck Twitter, Final Update

  1. kareljack says:

    Gonna miss you, dude. Wish there was an app you could have used that would have left your timeline mostly bullshit free.

  2. CTSLICK says:

    I knew my Twitter feed seemed emptier but it took me until today to realize why. Miss you on Twitter but I understand your decision.

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