Is VR Withering?

A bad sight at B&H Photo/Video:

What used to be a very large VR section has been mainly given over to capitalize on the upcoming eclipse!

All that’s left of the large VR section now is this:

Some pathetic headsets. Even the Gear VR demo headsets have been taken away.

It’s even worse. Can you spot the promotional display for the Insta360 Nano camera? It’s not even in the VR section, it’s downstairs.

Here, let me help you with that:

Even in person it was difficult to spot. I couldn’t get a better photo because paying customers were in the way.

To their credit, the store still has a PSVR demo area. And they’ve added one right next to it for the HTC Vive. Customers were busy trying both of them.

I don’t know if the curtailment of the VR area is a permanent thing. There was no one around to ask. If the iPhone 8 can do Daydream View VR, we’ll probably see B&H enlarge the VR section again. And that Insta360 Nano display will rightfully be moved upstairs.

Previously here:

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