The Fuck Twitter Checklist

Twitter has ultimately become its own worst enemy, flooding user timelines with tweets others have Liked. This has bloated timelines, made it impossible to scroll down to catch up, and increased noise over signal. It’s no longer worth the time or the trouble.

1 – Request tweet archive

2 – Deal with Favorites
– there are many articles saved that are yet unread

3 – When tweet archive received, Protect account
– prevents new Followers

4 – Block/Unblock all Followers
– this will set my Follower count to zero

5 – UnFollow everyone
– this will set my Following count to zero

6 – Delete All Tweets
– deprive Twitter of my past usage stats

7 – Keep account open but unused
– this will prevent a bastard from grabbing my username for impersonation

Previously here:

Twitter: A Shit Sandwich Of Likes

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4 Responses to The Fuck Twitter Checklist

  1. “this will prevent a bastard from grabbing my username for impersonation”

    I wasn’t going to impersonate you, just sit on it and then (should you return) make you beg for the account back

  2. BTW, if you kick everyone out of your follower list then we won’t be able to see your tweets – so you won’t be able to tweet @ other members.

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