Two 3D Cameras For Smartphones

I came across these while researching 3D (not 360VR) cameras.

The SVPro attaches to a smartphone (Android only, and only certain phone models) with a screw-on clamp and USB cable. According ot its specs, it records at 2560 X 720 (double 720P) in MP4 with an image view angle of 100 degrees. Recording time is a maximum of 20 minutes and the frame rate depends on the phone model. This is really suited for pastime play and people who want to get an idea of what 3D video is like. At around US$80, it’s also the cheapest way to get side-by-side 3D video or even a limited idea of what VR180 can be like.

SVPRO 3D VR Camera: In-Depth Review!

SVPro camera

Compilation of reviews: SVPRO 3D VR camera

The second camera is SID. It was recently fully funded on Kickstarter: SID, The Next Revolution In 3D Storytelling.

It will record at 2880 x 1440 (3K), 30fps, with a 160-degree field of view and will have a microSD card slot for up to 128GBs of storage. It communicates with an Android or iOS phone via WiFi and can be used with a custom or GoPro-compatible gimbal. This is more suited to semi-pro usage. The final retail price will probably be US$299 and available via Amazon in October. But it can be pre-ordered with a discount on IndieGoGo.

SID, The Next Revolution in 3D Storytelling

WeeView SID

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