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i3DG: 3D Images Without Glasses

Wow. This is a neat hack!

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Video: Create SBS 3D Video With iPhones (or iPod Touch)

This is from 2011. Another example of how bad YouTube Search is. I’m sure there are plenty of other videos like this one that just aren’t retrieved. It’s been six years, after all! Despite its age, this answers some basic … Continue reading

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A VR That’s Been De-VRed

Someone has taken the Invasion! VR and de-VRed it. It’s now side-by-side (SBS) 3D video!

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iPad Sales

This so misses the point (Twitter; which I use as a search engine now): He goes on to make the point that price drives sales — which I’ve said all along — but if people look at that 2% revenue … Continue reading

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Another Sign Everything Is Turning To Shit

Welcome to YouTube Blank! You say you don’t have time to watch video? We’ve got you covered! YouTube Blank won’t show you any! This goes along with our search engine that never works properly and never lets you find what … Continue reading

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Twitter’s Ongoing Con Game

SEC Asks Twitter Why It Doesn’t Disclose Daily User Number …daily users make up less than 50 percent of monthly users, and that there‚Äôs a lot of room for growth. There’s only one reason why Twitter won’t disclose Daily Active … Continue reading

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