Video: Create SBS 3D Video With iPhones (or iPod Touch)

This is from 2011. Another example of how bad YouTube Search is. I’m sure there are plenty of other videos like this one that just aren’t retrieved. It’s been six years, after all!

Despite its age, this answers some basic questions I had about creating side-by-side (SBS) 3D, especially when it comes to post-production. As a glimpse into production, it’s worth the time for anyone else wondering how it’s all done.

What I especially love above this video is that it’s straight out of the Robert Rodriguez School of Guerilla Filmmaking.

No 3D camera? No holder for two cameras? No problem!

Make it out of cardboard!

How to create side by side stereoscopic (3D) footage from iphone or itouch using Kdenlive

So much for the expensive 3D printing method.

I think this video needs an update, however. I’m not sure if this is still a valid tag in YouTube to display SBS 3D:

But I don’t have anything to upload, so I just don’t know. I’m still learning all of this.

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2 Responses to Video: Create SBS 3D Video With iPhones (or iPod Touch)

  1. Roger Morton says:

    Where is the link to the video you are talking about ?

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