World Exclusive: Jodie Whittaker As The New Doctor

I’ve got world exclusive photos from the first episode of Jodie Whittaker as The New Doctor!


As usual, The Doctor feels woozy …

… but a personal crisis erupts after he looks in the mirror:

But this is still The Doctor and there are alien enemies to put right, so she can’t hide in the TARDIS …

… but still, how will everyone else …

… react to this development?

But there’s no time for such self-indulgent contemplation! There’s an alien to be found!

The Doctor dares to look …

… and oh my god! It’s the worst thing ever in the entire history of the series!!

And that’s a cliffhanger for episode two! Can we wait?!!?

OK. By now some of you are suspicious. Good thinking! These screensnaps are actually from a new BBC drama that just began, called Trust Me.

Jodie Whittaker plays a nurse who sees no alternative but to commit identity theft of a friend who has moved out of the country and secure a job as a doctor under her name (her friend was a doctor).

Anyone worrying about how she’ll be as The New Doctor should see it. She’ll do just fine.

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