A Rebooted Looney Tunes In CGI Converted To SBS 3D

If I’m not mistaken, they’ve taken the voice track from an originally-hand-animated Looney Tunes and remade the entire imagery in CGI. A YouTube user then converted it to SBS (side-by-side) 3D video.

On the desktop, YouTube will display this only in anaglyph. So I used my poor-ass VR glasses to see it. It worked remarkably well! It had great depth in some scenes. Even in the opening logo:

Click = big

See the video after the break.

As usual, YouTube confuses the hell out of everyone by showing an SBS 3D Preview, not the anaglyph desktop users get stuck with.

Looney Tunes 3D Sylvester and Tweety SBS 1080p

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