LucidCam Is Still A Beta Test Project

Anyone thinking about buying the LucidCam should wait.

Lucid pushed out an update that finally permits full 4K recording. The person in the video can’t get the update to happen. With both his iPad and Samsung Android phone, he has connectivity problems with the camera, can’t get the update, and the camera itself seems to go into a loop. From what he says, Lucid had to send him a special script(!) to unbrick his camera! Image quality of the LucidCam without that update he describes as being “VHS quality.”

I’ve been keeping up with LucidCam via Twitter As A Search Engine. Too few people tweet about the camera and so far no one else has mentioned the problems in this video. Nor has Lucid admitted what they apparently did to this owner — that using it with an Android phone is problematic compared to iOS. They need to get their act together! Android phones far outnumber iOS and they’re targeting VR180 — which is currently more popular via Google Cardboard and Samsung’s Gear VR.

Although it’s going to be widely available in stores in a matter of weeks, it seems to me Lucid shouldn’t be having the problems detailed in this video — shown after the break — so close to release date.

LucidCam Problem

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