The Upcoming iPhone 8 OLED Screen Again

@stroughtonsmith won’t leave it alone.

And here it is:

I’ve been thinking of possible names:

– iPhone 8 Deluxe
– iPhone 8 Extreme
– iPhone 8 Luxury
– iPhone 8 Max
– iPhone 8 Premium
– iPhone 8 Prime
– iPhone 8 Select
– iPhone 8 Supreme
– iPhone 8 Ultimate
– iPhone 8 Exclusive
– iPhone 8 Grand
– iPhone 8 Super
– iPhone 8 Prelude
– iPhone 8 Signature
– iPhone 8 Magical Edition

If Apple uses that last one, tell them I accept PayPal. Because cats.

We’re anywhere from four to six weeks away from this suspense ending. I’ll frankly be glad when it’s over.

And then the murders can begin. (That’s a Twitter joke.)

Previously here:

Rough Reference: S8, S8+, G6, XZP, iPhone 8 Screen PPI

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