Speech Nazis

Fighting Neo-Nazis and the Future of Free Expression

But we must also recognize that on the Internet, any tactic used now to silence neo-Nazis will soon be used against others, including people whose opinions we agree with. Those on the left face calls to characterize the Black Lives Matter movement as a hate group. In the Civil Rights Era cases that formed the basis of today’s protections of freedom of speech, the NAACP’s voice was the one attacked.

Protecting free speech is not something we do because we agree with all of the speech that gets protected. We do it because we believe that no one — not the government and not private commercial enterprises — should decide who gets to speak and who doesn’t.

Boldface emphasis added by me.


Previously at Mike Cane 2008:

I Hate Nazis

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1 Response to Speech Nazis

  1. ljndawson says:

    I like the call to have a process. The ACLU announced this morning (or perhaps last night after I went to bed) that they could no longer support speech that was accompanied by weapons like firearms. I would argue that if you’re pointing a gun at someone while speaking, you don’t really need or want the ACLU’s support anyway.

    These are terrifying times.

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