Video: 17 Kilometers On An Electric Scooter

I love watching these. They’re the new unboxing videos for me.

This is the scooter:

This is the proposed trip:

And here are screensnaps, some with titles:

People who ridicule scooters and say to get a cheap car instead can’t do this with a damn car:

Be right there at the side of the bridge and stop without affecting traffic to enjoy the scenery!

Two images of how the world is shrinking. The same kind of covered trash can with wheels as in America:

Very similar iconography to delineate a bike path:

At one point, he hits a patch where the path has been milled for repaving:

He had to decrease speed for safety, but there was otherwise no problem!

He beat the bike!

A bridge with wooden slats:

Such scenery!

I asked what country this was in a Comment, wondering if it was Germany. I’ve since looked up Gustavsberg’s Hamn. It’s Sweden.

17 kilometers is, according to Google, 10.5633 miles. In my heyday of being able to walk fast — which was my default speed — I could cover that in under an hour in Manhattan (remember, I would have to sometimes stop at red lights before crossing). These days — shakes fist at age — it can take me two damn hours, sometimes with a brief sit or two. Having a scooter like that would give me back my ground-level speedy transit ability.

17k Electric Scooter Trip On The e-twow Booster

Previously here:

The Future For NYC: Portable Electric Scooters

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