Video: 22.3 Kilometers On A Xiaomi Electric Scooter

In certain respects, this is not the best scooter video. But the distance test is great.

For anyone thinking of doing videos like these, some tips:

1) Real-time speed. No matter if the video is even an hour long! Yes, really.

2) NO MUSIC! It’s necessary for us to hear the electric motor as it works, the sounds from traffic, and any creaks from the scooter as it travels over a variety of terrain.

3) We like to see the scenery, how people react, how fast traffic is going, and how fast the scooter is moving.

So this video isn’t enjoyable at all. It’s very speeded-up but provides a good test of the distance the scooter can go.

Xiaomi M365 long distance ride, Will I make it home?

22 kilometers is about 13.6702 miles.

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