I Watched This Worthless Electric Scooter Video So You Don’t Have To

What an absolute waste of time this was!

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They are testing the range of an electric scooter.

On the dumbest damned test track I have ever seen. A poppy field! Which has bumps and ruts and soft sand and dusty dirt and an upward slope — and they’re doing this near nightfall!


The brand of scooter is never mentioned. The motor they think is 500W. No battery charge time, no battery capacity, no battery type, no expected range, no tire size, no type of drive (front or rear; direct or chain; magnetic or gear) or other details are laid out.

Yet this test is supposed to be for science!

What the hell kind of science is that?!

This is the best view of the scooter in the video:

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It looks like something being sold several years ago. The motor is on the outside, for fuck’s sake!

In the course of the video, they admit they don’t even know the kind of battery they’re testing or if it’s the battery that comes with the scooter originally.

I don’t know whether to laugh or rip out every remaining hair in my already-punished scalp.

He winds up having to give the scooter kick-assists and he walks with it. Yet they still count that towards total battery range!

Have these people ever done any science at all?

What’s the end result of this abysmal, worthless, useless, and pointless video?

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3.6 miles.

And for what?

The only point here is that a half hour of my life was totally wasted. And more time wasted with this post.

This video would be a waste of an embed, so here’s the YouTube link.

This is from something called True Zero Emissions. And that website is as uninformative and as lacking in detail as that video.

I tried to watch this video, about an alternator experiment, but it’s proven to be worthless in just the opening minutes.

If anything of any value comes out of their screwy videos, it’ll probably be from sheer accident, not by design.

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