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The Electric Scooter For Doomsday (And One For Not)

No shit! This is their marketing copy: It is designed to get out of town fast if martial law is declared……when highways are congested with get out of town traffic this thing will get you out of town fast. Yeah. … Continue reading

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The Electric Scooter Graveyard

The Electric Scooter Graveyard The article is from 2012. But yeah, that brings back some memories. Go marvel at how fugly and heavy and even expensive some of those scooters were compared to now. Let’s hope today’s new growing popularity … Continue reading

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Swagtron’s Unclear Marketing Claim

Click = big That wording I’ve underlined in red is getting them a lot of customer disappointment! See the video after the break.

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The Latest Way To Kill Yourself On A Hoverboard!

The exploding battery scandal ruined the product. And I’ve seen so few of them around NYC since then that they might as well not even exist anymore. And yet the Chinese won’t give up! This looks dangerous enough as it … Continue reading

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The OJO Electric Scooter

A TechCrunch video provides a good backgrounder with beauty shots. I really like this scooter but it’s nothing but a flashing neon sign saying KILL ME AND TAKE THIS!! where I live. My other objection is that is requires outside … Continue reading

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I Give Up. New Categories: eScooters, 3D Video

I’m beginning to write about each a lot and I think it’s time give them their own categories. See the Categories sidebar at the right. Eventually, people can click on the Category to see all the posts for each. The … Continue reading

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Mercedes – Hack-my-Van Competition – ThunderPods An idea inspired by the original Thunderbirds TV series places second in a competition. The work of Gerry Anderson continues to inspire people. FAB!

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