The Electric Scooter For Doomsday (And One For Not)

No shit!

This is their marketing copy:

It is designed to get out of town fast if martial law is declared……when highways are congested with get out of town traffic this thing will get you out of town fast.

Yeah. I don’t know about that.

When doomsday hits and people are stuck in fleeing traffic, some of them will have a gun and will take that from you. Or just shoot you and take it.

Here’s the first video about it.

Luna Cycle Super Scooter Debut

It weighs 65lbs (29.4kg). And if you watch carefully, despite her best efforts she’s not having a fun time carrying that away folded.

Here’s a crazy-ass video of a crazy-assed modified one doing 55mph (88.5 kmh):

55mph 96v Apocalypse Electric Scooter

Now I’m thinking maybe this super scooter could actually have a purpose in life. I’m remembering the lines of cars evacuating New Orleans to escape the oncoming hurricane Katrina. That kind of traffic jam isn’t filled with panic and people who will kill you. It’s just a line of too many cars that will all eventually get out of town. That scooter could get you out faster.

On saner ground, this same store — which is in America — sells a second-gen carbon fiber scooter that has an LG battery pack. This is just about the same scooter that Kurt V. has put hundreds of kilometers on.

Knowing that the battery is from a world-class brand name matters. It matters in terms of power, reliability, and longevity. Without that brand name — LG, Sony, Samsung — there’s the very real possibility of getting questionable Chinese no-brand batteries that ruined the hoverboard market. While there have been no outbreaks of houses burning down from a carbon fiber scooter recharging, why even take the chance if it can be avoided?

But what does that mean in terms of price?

At post time, with the site listing a discount, a whopping US$540.00. Plus a US$50 shipping fee. YOW!

On the other hand, this is an American source and if their website is credible, they would service the product in a sensible and professional manner. Plus, no shipping back to China or some middleman in another country. One way or another, you wind up paying more than you expected in the scooter world!

While the majority of their promo images are still of the first-gen scooter, it’s clearly the second-gen they’re selling. Look:

That’s the same color display and smaller headlight that Kurt V.’s scooter has. But let me point out he thinks the visibility of the color display in direct sunlight is bad and the smaller headlight isn’t as good as the first-gen one. What’s missing is the reason why I’m not saying it’s the same scooter Kurt V. has. There’s no mention of a kickstand. What?

Unfortunately, there are no owner videos of the Luna carbon fiber scooter on YouTube. The company has posted a lot of videos about their doomsday scooter, however.

Luna Apocalypse E-Scooter (ludicrous edition)

Carbon Fiber Luna Scooter

Previously here:

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