The OJO Electric Scooter

A TechCrunch video provides a good backgrounder with beauty shots.

I really like this scooter but it’s nothing but a flashing neon sign saying KILL ME AND TAKE THIS!! where I live.

My other objection is that is requires outside parking. You can’t do this with it…

… to bring on a bus or subway when the battery has died, take into a store or library, or easily put in your (pardon the expression) corporate office.

While I’ve looked at all of the available videos about this scooter, it has to remain a product for an Ideal World. Which is not America. But as the company President points out in the video, it will probably sell like crazy mad in Europe.

Zipping around town on the OJO electric scooter

Even though it’s not something I can buy, I’d still like to see it succeed in America. Maybe it can help change the damn laws in NYC regarding electric scooters.

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