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Video: Hilarious And Brilliant Internet Of Shit Parody

See it before it becomes viral. Then make it go viral!

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The Boosted Board People

I’ve wound up devoting all morning to watching some YouTube videos from Boosted Board riders. A Boosted Board is an electric skateboard with a handheld remote control. I’m still amazed at how such a small motor can push people around … Continue reading

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TuTu Electric Scooter

That’s some strange design at work there. It makes me appreciate the OJO design even more. They’ve had a video up on YouTube for over a year. And yet YouTube’s crappy search never surfaced anything about them. I learned they … Continue reading

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Video: 20 Kilometer Xiaomi Electric Scooter Torture Ride

I couldn’t understand how people could watch YouTube videos of other people playing videogames. Now I am one of those people. But the YouTube videos I watch are of people documenting their electric scooter rides! I think anyone interested in … Continue reading

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