The Boosted Board People

I’ve wound up devoting all morning to watching some YouTube videos from Boosted Board riders. A Boosted Board is an electric skateboard with a handheld remote control. I’m still amazed at how such a small motor can push people around so speedily! It’s just magical.

These are people who should be paid attention to by anyone interested in an electric scooter. They’ve already been out there riding and have experienced what future electric scooter riders will face too.

Some videos after the break.

This applies to scooters too:

5 Drawbacks Of Owning a Boosted Board! Or Any Electric Skateboard

Yeah. What do you do with the thing — board, scooter — when you’ve arrived at your destination? And in that video, I learned a Boosted Board has a range of only five miles. Yow! I’ve already calculated how much minimum range I’d need from a scooter. It’s fifteen miles (and that’s as a round-trip without recharging). So even if my balance hadn’t turned to shit, a Boosted Board wouldn’t be a go for me. One other point this video raises: These skateboards and scooters realllllly need Quick Charge! If phones can do it, it can be done for boards and scooters too.

Here is some of the absolutely ridiculous and unbelievable shit people with electric skateboards and electric scooters face in backward New York City:

Old Man Calls Park Ranger! On the Boosted Board NYC group! $500 FINES!

And here’s a guy who has put more mileage on his Boosted Board than Kurt V. has put on his carbon fiber scooter!

You probably SHOULDN’T buy a Boosted Board (1000+ Mile Review)

And the next video raises not only issues I mentioned in my first scooter post, but also ones I never even thought of:

How My Boosted Board has saved me $3000 in the last 3 Months. Last Mile Vehicle

I thought the only enemies of changing the law in New York City for electric-powered personal vehicles would be the Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) and the MTA (subway, bus). No! There’s a real ripe bastard out there that would love to keep the law as it is: UBER! Since he got a Boosted Board, Jermaine has stopped using Uber. You think that sociopathic Randist Kalanick wants to hear that? He’d be like a Dalek all over it: EXTERMINATE!

Another new enemy in New York City: CitiBike! They don’t want to see their ridership plummet because people have bought electric skateboards and electric scooters! Hell no! Just the other day in Manhattan, I saw a table outside of what’s commonly called a “project” (low-income subsidized housing) that was promoting it to residents. They could ride it for just five bucks a month! Wow. Talk about stacking the deck to argue for keeping the law as it is!

The City Council is up for election this Fall. Time to kick a bunch of them out.

It’s time for solidarity between all riders of personal electric vehicles — skateboards and scooters.

Bikes won. So can we.

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