Video: 20 Kilometer Xiaomi Electric Scooter Torture Ride

I couldn’t understand how people could watch YouTube videos of other people playing videogames.

Now I am one of those people. But the YouTube videos I watch are of people documenting their electric scooter rides!

I think anyone interested in an electric scooter should watch. You get an idea of what each scooter can handle and what riders face in the real world (which is quite different from walking!).

This is a hell of a video to watch. Bike lanes disappear. He has to ride on a narrow strip with traffic zooming by. The bike lane switches from the right to the left of traffic. And there’s gravel and dirt. Lots and lots and lots of gravel and dirt. The ride is so bumpy that his manual bell rings all by itself! And then there are the smug Spandexed-up performance cyclists leaving him behind.

Then he runs out of battery!

20 kilometers is 12.4 miles.

Xiaomi M365 – didn’t make it home

Great job!

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