Video: Russian Hell Commute On An Inmotion L6 Electric Scooter

Anna has taken top prize here for most impressive scooter ride video.

It’s not the distance — she says it’s about 1 kilometer (0.62 miles) — it’s the terrain!

The beginning doesn’t even hint at what’s to come:

And then BAM! wet street and puddles:

And then BAM! this patch bump:

Even more wet — that she rides through:

And look at that high curb cut-out:

She never pauses to get off and walk it over. She rides that sucker!

And BAM! a speedbump:

Large roadway cracks:

Shot of the scooter handlebars and control panel:

BAM! another curb slope:

BAM! patch dip:

Just look at that:

More wet — and that street!

She walks it onto the sidewalk but there’s wet and puddles she rides through:

And then bricks and a slope at her destination:

Frankly, I don’t think a Swagtron or the carbon fiber scooter that Kurt V. has could have done that. The curb cut-outs alone would have been too much stress. And those street cracks? Possible faceplant. And all of that wet? No way.

So Anna’s ride is not just impressive, it’s introduced me to a scooter from Inmotion I’ll have to further investigate.

Morning commute by electric scooter (Inmotion L6)

Well done, Anna!

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