First Sighting Of Third-Gen Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter

This is very exciting. The first marketing video for the third-generation of carbon fiber scooter that Kurt V. has been mentioning. It has increased speed and two motors: front and rear.

Oh yeah! That hill-climbing is what I need.

Screensnaps from the video (click any to enlarge):

I like that it’s gone back to the first-gen larger headlight:

I’m not keen on the built-in speaker, though. There are already eejits out and about using portable Bluetooth speakers as the new Boomboxes. Now eScooters too?

This could be a useful feature for powering a camera or GPS:

The material here is contradicted later:

It mentions white text on a black background for easy reading. Later on, we’ll see blue on a black background as well as several colors. Those might be options for each brand that adopts this design. It would be nice if that was actually something the user could change in Settings.

And here it is …

… the dual-motor that Kurt V. has been excited about.

LG batteries are touted …

… and I hope that’s part of the design spec that brands can’t change! 35 kilometer range is 21 miles.

And this is a huge change:

The batteries are now housed in the deck, not the carbon fiber stalk!

At least it still has this:

A one-pull latch to fold it and a kickstand.

Notice the invitation here …

… for brands to put their name on the deck. Again: Some scooters are actually collaborative designs among several companies. They also allow other brands to license the design. Quite different from over in America where we’re used to competition among per-company designs.

And finally:

A rear light and brake light! As well as side grip lights.

The detailed specs:

A full-charge time of 4.5 hours. Ouch! We need Quick Charge in eScooters.

This is a disappointment:

The weight will be 11.5 kilograms. That’s 25.3 pounds! Man, that’s getting into the weight category of the Xiaomi and E-TWOW/UScooters eScooters! What happened to the weight advantage of a carbon fiber scooter? It’s gone. Even though there’s now additional power because of a rear motor, that weight increase is still nasty.

And a little behind-the-scenes stuff:

Some brands can limit the maximum speed of the scooter depending on the market they’re selling in. How soon after people buy this eScooter will we see YouTube videos about bypassing that restriction? Ha!

This looks like a prototype shot:

This looks like a benchtest of the color version of the control screen:

Since the batteries are now in the deck, the charging port has been moved there too:

Control screen with blue on black background:

This third-gen scooter will cost significantly more than the second-gen. Don’t expect it to be like a US$399 Swagtron Swagger! It’ll be as high as US$600-$700. That could be a mistake. These are best known as Chinese scooters from a variety of sources that often don’t offer any support. They have to compete against scooters such as E-TWOW/UScooters and Inmotion, which aren’t that much more expensive and are usually sold by local dealers who can provide service and spare parts. Plus, that new 25-pound weight takes away the key advantage a carbon fiber scooter once had. It’s now as heavy as the name-brand competition — including the most-popular brand in China: Xiaomi.

The only thing that could tip the scales in its favor is the dual-motor capability. It has to be impressive as hell and that range has to be as touted too.

Let’s see what owners have to say in future YouTube videos.

Same-day update: It’s listed for sale on Alibaba. The title is screwy but the specs and images match. The price? I find it hard to believe: US$399. That makes it price-competitive with Xiaomi. Hmmmmm.

NEW!!! Crownwheel S5 DT mini Hero Dual Motor Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter

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3 Responses to First Sighting Of Third-Gen Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter

  1. 张学银 says:

    Cool,it’s good.It’s introduce it ver well, and with very good points

  2. Bailey-Jerome Kaious says:

    Hello, there. The seller listed on Alibaba is the OEM, most likely the expensive ones you gonna see on aliexpress or other websites will be resellers that put a different brand on it.

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