Houston First, New York City Upcoming?

Looking at the devastation in Houston from Hurricane Harvey, I can’t help wondering what would happen if New York City was hit like that.

We had Superstorm Sandy, but the flooding it caused was mainly due to storm surge from a nasty combination of high tide and wind. In Houston, they’re having feet of rain.

Remember my post that mentioned the NYC subways? This is what they looked like during Sandy:

And the disruption:

One subway station in lower Manhattan was closed for repairs for almost five years.

If NYC had the feet of rain Houston is getting, most of the underground stations would be flooded. They’d wind up looking like the post-Sandy Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel:

How long would it take to repair all of those stations when it took almost five years just for one?

And what’s the backup plan for that? How are millions of people going to get to work after the sewer system has cleared the streets of flooding yet the subways are underwater?

The City Council needs to think about that. They need to change the law regarding personal electric vehicles — eBikes, electric skateboards, and electric scooters — before disaster strikes.

If they don’t do that, the post-disaster population will take matters into their own hands and the streets will be filled with “illegal” transportation. Go ahead. Just try to arrest all of those people! They’ll be sure to throw out of office every single Council member in the next election.

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