Linky: Folding Electric Skateboard

I came across a video for a folding electric skateboard called the Linky.

Some screensnaps to get to the point I want to make:

And here comes the point …

It can charge 85% of the battery in just a half hour! Why can’t any electric scooter do that?!!?

The range of the Linky …

… is just about 9 miles. But so what? If you can get 85% of that battery charged and go another 5-7 miles, that’s still more range than you can get out of many electric scooters. Who can’t fill a half hour these days just by checking their phone? Waiting a half hour is practically nothing.

Fast battery charging = more range. It’s not necessary to go through all of the engineering required to make a more efficient motor. Pivot into getting electrons into a scooter’s battery ASAP and there’s the cheat. More range, less motor engineering.

What electric scooters need is Freedom In Your AC Charger!

It seems the most innovation is going into electric skateboards. That’s why I sometimes peek at videos about them. I’d like to see some of that move over into electric scooters too.

Some day, one of these electric skateboard companies will have the epiphany Western Union never had when Alexander Graham Bell tried to interest them in the telephone. They turned him down because they were in the “telegraph business.” No. They were in the communications business.

In the same way, electric skateboard makers will discover they’re not in the electric skateboard business. They’re in the personal transportation business and apply what they’ve learned to electric scooters too.

And that is going to change the game. Because those companies have already created reputations and can grow from them. All the young guys and gals on electric skateboards today will be recommending electric scooters from their name-brand skateboard makers tomorrow.

LINKY The Foldable Electric Longboard | Full product presentation video

World’s First SELF-FOLDING Electric Skateboard

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