TV: Sorjonen (aka Bordertown)

If the first scene of the first episode doesn’t grab you by the throat and make you want to watch the entire series, then I regret to say you are beyond all hope.

That first scene was so damned brilliant, I watched it by itself three times.

The series itself is a bit uneven. I don’t know if the original airing in Finland contained commercials, but there are some strange transitions in episodes. And sometimes I get the sense that the editing is just a mess.

But that shouldn’t stop anyone from watching. The final two episodes are exceptionally brilliant.

If you loved Millennium and Sherlock, then this should be on your list.

As in Millennium, the main character moves to a new locale to try to change his life.

As in Sherlock, the main character is brilliant at combining seemingly disparate things into a whole that no one else can see.

And some of the cases here rival Millennium for their weirdness and the way the main character — Sorjonen — thinks, rivals Holmes.

The music will also get under your skin. It has the haunting quality that Mark Snow’s score for Millennium possessed. That sense of inevitability and inescapability.

See it on Netflix. Even if you don’t have Netflix, go for the free month trial just to see it.

Bordertown trailer (English subtitles)


Wikipedia: Bordertown
Summer shoot for Bordertown Season 2

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1 Response to TV: Sorjonen (aka Bordertown)

  1. Martin says:

    I agree..great series…I’m happy that they will make a 2nd season.

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