Video: FLJ Second-Gen Carbon Fiber Scooter Unboxing

This is the second-gen electric scooter that Kurt V. has. See it unboxed.

The first interesting thing is that this buyer has the official FLJ carrying bag for the scooter. I’ve never seen one before.

No FLJ branding on the box:

Um, yeah, look at that red thing in the upper left:

We’ll get to that again later.

The handles come detached and have to be screwed in, just like with the Swagtrons:

A peek at the manual, which is in English (although this buyer is in France, I think):

And the kicker:

FLJ’s address and website address. They have a very primitive website.

Surprisingly, the control screen needs to be attached too:

I have to say it …

… that FLJ logo is fugly.

Now that Red Thing:

It’s the back light to attach to the rear mudguard/brake. Not only does it have its own battery, but it looks like it just might stick on! At least one owner of a carbon fiber scooter like this has reported it fell off very early.

At the YouTube page he’s written a review of the scooter in the Comments, comparing it to the Xiaomi M365. Google Translate does a horrible job on it, however, so understanding French would be helpful.

FLJ S3 10.4A 24v Trotinette Électrique Scooter LIRE ESSAI EN DESSOUS

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