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Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter Ugh Video

Ugh: That box looks damned familar.

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New YouTube UI


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How Much Money Does A Viral YouTube Video Make?

Spoiler: Click = big I’ve heard YouTube creators say over and over that their revenue has been going down. Some have had to cut back on what they post because of it. I’ve always wondered what sort of money was … Continue reading

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Asus Introduces “Mixed Reality” Headset

In a live YouTube video devoid of any real detail or even a demo, Asus introduced its version of the Microsoft “Mixed Reality” headset. The 3K resolution is intriguing, but no details on per-eye resolution were given. Inside-Out tracking and … Continue reading

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This Is Why You Buy A Dash Cam!

Incredible. Not providing even a screensnap to spoil the surprise. The payoff begins a little past 1:28 for those too impatient to sit through the entire video.

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