Asus Introduces “Mixed Reality” Headset

In a live YouTube video devoid of any real detail or even a demo, Asus introduced its version of the Microsoft “Mixed Reality” headset.

The 3K resolution is intriguing, but no details on per-eye resolution were given. Inside-Out tracking and 6-DOF hand controllers are also part of the package.

At 449 Euros, it seems pricey. That’s ~US$535 at post time. Maybe it’ll be US$449. But that’s still pricey.

They also introduced some new notebooks which apparently can be used with the headset:

Further details on the headset will no doubt be covered in the regular tech press.

Asus products are sometimes hard to find at places like Best Buy (their Android tablets quickly disappeared), so it’ll be interesting to see how widely available that headset becomes and if there are any demos available for the general public to try. Without demos, it’s as dead as the Rift and Vive at large stores. It’s even difficult these days to find a functioning Gear VR headset demo. It seems the only way for VR to get anywhere will be for Apple to enter the field — as they have with AR.

Same-day update: Asus has posted a YouTube video.

ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset-Explore Your Imagination

Second same-day update: Asus has posted a YouTube video clip of the headset’s introduction.

ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset – IFA 2017 | ASUS

Third same-day update: Just noticed the typo in the post title. Fixed. Geez.

Previously here:

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