Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter Ugh Video


That box looks damned familar.

It’s a second-gen carbon fiber scooter that looks identical in almost all respects to the FLJ but lacks the FLJ branding. Ugh. More confusion from China. Ugh.

The second-gen control screen is invisible in direct sunlight. Ugh.

It doesn’t do much better in the shade. Ugh.

And this was sent to the guy — who’s a professional stunt kick-scooterist — for free by one of those middlemen vendors who sell goods from China. Graft! Ugh.

So of course he winds up doing this shit with it:


It’s would serve the middleman right if he broke the damn thing in less than a week.

These scooters aren’t made for stunts. Save that for the damn kick scooters.

I’m not even embedding the video.

Stunt riders will poison the well for changing the law in NYC.

Previously here:

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