YouTube Sinks Deeper Into Suck

As if Search wasn’t bad enough, as if broken Subscriptions wasn’t bad enough, YouTube just added a new layer of bad.

Not updating creator pages!

Look at this:

This is the bit that matters:

Sony has introduced new Xperia things at IFA today. So I want to see this and other videos they’ve posted today. So I go to their YouTube home page and get this bullshit:

Click = big

Look! Videos aren’t being updated on that page properly, despite my sorting by date, newest added! Nothing before six days ago.

How the hell can I Keep Up?!

And by the way, the new YouTube design itself sucks. Too Much White! It looks like the minimalist and bare iOS 7. That’s not an improvement.

And there’s a damn persistent bug. Go to a video, make it full screen, and then have it pop back into the default size as YouTube finishes rendering the rest of the page. WTF.

Same-day update:

After I hit Publish, this happens after a Refresh at the Xperia page:

Click = big

Was I too quick to do this post? Hell no. Creator pages must be updated instantly. What the hell is the point otherwise?

And that full-screen bug still exists too!

Previously here:

New YouTube UI

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