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Video: Inmotion eScooter Spotted In NYC With eSkateboarders

Jermaine Ellis does interesting videos. In this one, a bunch of Boosted Board riders tool around Manhattan. And part of the group is someone riding an Inmotion eScooter!

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YouTube eScooter Playlists Begun

Click=big The master Playlist used to be Transport. When I started, I had no idea it would grow so large. Now I’m beginning to break it down into brands and some categories. And those might be broken down even more … Continue reading

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Reference: Moving Videos Between YouTube Playlists

They do not make it easy. To document the way I just tried would invoke the PTSD it just created in me. I finally got fed up and did a search and found a video that’ll help. It will still … Continue reading

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Adding An Alarm To A Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

I’m not exactly sure how practical this is, but it’s still a bit clever. Unfortunately, the video can’t be embedded, so see it on YouTube. Previously here: eScooters category

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TV: The Funniest Thing This Year

I don’t play videogames. If I say more than that, I will alienate the jillions of people who do and like them (I will alienate them later in this anyway). So it’s a complete surprise to me that the funniest … Continue reading

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