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Beware: There Is NO New Xiaomi Scooter

A video I won’t embed has popped up on YouTube that tries to cash in on the Xiaomi brand by making it seem this is a second scooter from Xiaomi. It is not. It’s from a different company called EUNi … Continue reading

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Mutant Carbon Fiber Scooter Of Imminent Death

Wait for it.

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Interesting eScooter In Another Crappy Chinese Promo Video

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Hurricane Irma: Coming To NYC

Before it was named, I was paying attention. After Superstorm Sandy, you do that now. Especially after ridiculing the models for Sandy! Since it was given a name, I’ve been saying it’ll go to Category 5 and it will head … Continue reading

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At Staples:

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For Sale: One Sputnik. Never Orbited.

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Photos: NYC 34th Street Amazon Books Store Is Open

I popped in there this weekend. Barnes & Noble is in deep trouble. OK, deeper trouble. Beware of fluctuating exposure. The borrowed Asus craptab camera is shit in this kind of bright environment. Most photos came out too light or … Continue reading

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Two Dollars Well Spent

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TV: T. (AKA: Professor T.)

Imagine a combination of the following: Endgame, House, M.D., Sherlock, Lie To Me, Ally McBeal, and a sprinkling of Dennis Potter‘s Pennies from Heaven. That would be one hell of a series, huh? It exists! It’s from Belgium and it’s … Continue reading

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Swagtron Swagger Sold On QVC

Appearing on QVC is a win for them. But it also makes me wonder if they’re dumping inventory. As far as electronics go, dumping unsold inventory is where QVC excels. I’ve lost count of the just-discontinued and about-to-be-discontinued products I’ve … Continue reading

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