Photos: NYC 34th Street Amazon Books Store Is Open

I popped in there this weekend. Barnes & Noble is in deep trouble. OK, deeper trouble.

Beware of fluctuating exposure. The borrowed Asus craptab camera is shit in this kind of bright environment. Most photos came out too light or too dark, never correctly. I’ve gone for the lighter ones.

Minimal commentary because the photos speak for themselves. Click any to enlarge.

Yes, there was an actual doorman. I took the revolving door.

Is it true they don’t take cash? Well, that leaves me out! Elitists!

I didn’t ask at Checkout about taking cash because …

… they see me rollin’, they avoidin’!

This was my first time touching a Kindle Oasis. I was surprise at how square it was.

The doorman …

… gives me the eye. Probably wondering how the hell I was not thrown out with the shitty clothes I was wearing (fifteen-year-old ripped and faded jacket; discolored and torn jeans held together with black duct tape on the inside; but hey, my socks and shoes are new!).

They have a strange collection of stuff, plus coffee!

It’s in a good location. Tourists galore, who are bound to pop in and probably pick something up.

Best Buy will probably see their Amazon-related hardware sales plummet. Why buy there when there are now two stores? And Amazon staff to yell at if something goes awry?

Given the raw space I saw, I expected it to be two floors. I guess the upper level is their stock.

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2 Responses to Photos: NYC 34th Street Amazon Books Store Is Open

  1. Martin says:

    Its funny after destroying the competition now they open a book store. Look nice though , thanks for the tour.

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