TV: T. (AKA: Professor T.)

Imagine a combination of the following: Endgame, House, M.D., Sherlock, Lie To Me, Ally McBeal, and a sprinkling of Dennis Potter‘s Pennies from Heaven.

That would be one hell of a series, huh?

It exists!

It’s from Belgium and it’s called T. (god help the search engines!). Also known as Professor T. (to save the search engines).

Jasper Teerlinck is a professor of criminology at the University of Antwerp. He’s emotionally different and very, very brilliant.

A former student, now a detective for the Federal Police, asks for his assistance on a case and that’s how he winds up as a consultant for the department. Not always willing and not always welcome.

None of the supporting characters in this series have small, throwaway roles. They’re part of its ongoing structure.

And that’s done in a way that gives each of them depth and development in each episode. It’s masterful writing — and all of it done by Paul Piedfort.

There are two significant things about the Professor, aside from his tendency to speak his mind and never reveal much emotion.

He’s germophobic:

And he has a vivid imagination:

Out of the first series, I’ve seen four of the thirteen episodes so far. Each one has been surprising in one way or another. All of them are world-class and first-rate. There isn’t gore, there isn’t cruelty (he’s not Gregory House!), but there is humor — from the absurdity of the situations that occur and the personality of the Professor. And the music score is a mix of blues and orchestral, unlike anything I’ve seen on TV. And so far every episode has had more camera set-ups than I can count or have ever seen in any TV series. It’s almost as if it was influenced by MTV music videos (even so, it’s never confusing or hyperactive).

I don’t know where it’s being run. I found it on the tubes. But it’s been subtitled — very well — into English.

Pray that Netflix or Amazon Prime picks this up.

It’s a must-, must-, must-see.

By the way, don’t bother looking on YouTube. It’s filled with fakes. Here’s a small taste via a Spanish-language promo which doesn’t do any of the show justice:

Professor T. | Nueva serie en F&A – Teaser 1

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